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Management Services

Service Contract Management

Most medical equipment requires some level of service and service contracts are notoriously complex. Our expert team knows what should and shouldn’t be included to save you time and money.

We can help you by consolidating or reworking your existing service contracts to only include what you need for your business. Our skilled experts can identify areas of concern and work to get them corrected.


Construction Project Management

Do you have a new construction project going on? Or maybe you are converting a new product line like IV pumps? Do you have the manpower to spare to oversee such projects? We can help. We have extensive experience in managing projects of all shapes and sizes.

We are accustomed to working with plant, strategic sourcing, nursing, IT and administration. Let us lift the added burden of managing construction projects that distract you from essential operations. We have managers, supervisors, project leads and experienced technicians available depending on your needs.

From ordering, onboarding and installing medical equipment to tagging, accounting for and scheduling lifetime maintenance, we are here for you every step of the way during new construction projects.


Asset Management

You’ve outfitted your healthcare facility with the best equipment for its needs. Now what? How do you keep track of the constantly changing maintenance and service requirements? Our asset management tools are here to help ensure your medical equipment is properly and safely maintained and meets the very latest rules and regulations from governing and accrediting bodies. We aid your team through proper record keeping, sourcing new parts, providing unexpected repairs and, when the time comes, the proper disposal of expired or outdated inventory.


Vendor Management

According to a recent study, poor contract management costs businesses 9% of their bottom line. We help you keep that money in your facility or healthcare network by providing top tier vendor management. By consolidating billing and coordinating services with vendors, we help ease the workload on your facility.

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