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Capital Pre-procurement Consultation

You want to provide the best equipment for your patients while meeting your capital and operational budget goals. That’s where we come in.

We’ll help you navigate the complexities of purchasing capital medical equipment with our Total Life-cycle Management Program. We work with clients to identify medical equipment that meets their specific needs, budget, and life cycle costs from cradle to grave.

We’ll help to identify logistical hurdles that come with construction, modification and installation of new technologies: Will the item fit in the elevator? Do you need plumbing, electrical, network or ventilation? We also advise on maintenance strategies for the life of the equipment. What is the warranty and cost of service after the sell? Is service training available? Is it close by or can it be serviced by internal resources or a third party?

We know how and when the install and start-up process actually take place and by whom. Who will receive the equipment at your facility and coordinate moving it to the correct place? When will the vendor come in and set-up? And lastly, what is the “go live” date and can we meet it? The list goes on and on and we have it all covered.

Our Strategic Sourcing team has years of healthcare purchasing experience. We use a mix of consumer reports and nationwide analytics you can trust. Thanks to our extensive vendor partnerships, we offer alternative equipment options saving you money upfront at the time of purchase and long-term savings on service solutions for maintenance and repair long after the sale.

Our skilled staff performs technical assessments and contract management reviews to ensure the best maintenance plan is being implemented to keep your equipment up and running at the most affordable price.

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