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To help keep your costs low, we offer a wide range of pre-owned equipment and services, including calibrations, repair, recycling, and sourcing of support equipment.

Pre-Owned Equipment Sales

To help keep your costs low, we offer a wide range of pre-owned equipment and services, including calibrations, repair, recycling, and sourcing of support equipment.

Our staff has the knowledge to help you understand what options are available to you and the benefits or risks in each option.

Our consultative approach helps you make the most informed decision possible. Our goal is to help you actively reduce expenses associated with the acquisition, management, technology and utilization of medical equipment.

Capture substantial savings through our certified quality pre-owned equipment program in lieu of large, capital expenditures for new equipment. Tap into more than 30 years of experience and integrity when choosing CE-Tech’s pre-owned equipment program.

Medical Equipment Rental & Leasing Programs

Your facility needs the best medical equipment at optimal pricing, with easy to manage and cost-efficient maintenance pricing. We make it happen by providing top notch service and maintenance for medical equipment, in addition to replacement sourcing, for the best equipment options for your facility’s unique needs.

We offer equipment rental and leasing services to give you another resource for the best equipment to maintain top operational performance.

Address temporary needs for services peaks and improve ROI through our rental and leasing program which allows you to predict future equipment costs and cash needs.

We can provide our customers flexible rental and lease options to lower their up-front critical operational cash, capture a defined and manageable monthly payment for their equipment, and offer financing options to immediately obtain the equipment you need for operations.

We Provide:

  • Short & long-term equipment rentals to meet peak demands.
  • 24/7 service and delivery of your medical equipment needs.
  • Quality equipment that meets or exceeds JCAHO requirements.
  • Flexible finance options to help manage your operational expenses.
  • Rent-to-own programs, including equipment maintenance to keep your devices in top condition.

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Items to consider when purchasing pre-owned equipment

Why Purchase Pre-Owned Equipment?

What is the cost saving?

Frankly, thousands of dollars. Pre-owned equipment can save you more than half the cost of new models.  Working with a knowledgeable professional, experienced in pre-owned equipment can ultimately save you thousands of dollars.  At CE-Tech, we have background determining the economic life of equipment, securing the best pricing and skillfully maintaining the previously used medical equipment during its lifetime.

Will the equipment last?

As experts in the space, we stand by our reseller commitment and follow impeccably high industry standards to ensure pre-owned equipment is fully tested and up to par. Many research studies have shown that used equipment can have the same long and productive life as new equipment. In fact, many used pieces of equipment o last for years while still out-producing and requiring less maintenance than new machines.

Why is used medical equipment sold?

Companies often divest themselves of pre-owned equipment that is otherwise in excellent condition because of changes in contracts, increased demands for the latest technology, overstock of inventory, physician preferences, etc. We typically know when and where these divestments will take place, enabling us to pass the information on to you, our valued customer.

Why purchase pre-owned equipment through CE-Tech?

When purchasing quality pre-owned equipment from CE-Tech, you have the peace of mind and the confidence knowing that our skilled engineers have ensured its working condition before it’s delivered to you.