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Mindray Medical Equipment

Mindray Medical Equipment

CE-Tech offers a variety of new Mindray medical equipment for the Southeast, including Anesthesia machines, patient monitors, vital signs monitors, and ultrasounds. Get the best value in medical equipment when you purchase and service your equipment with CE-Tech.

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Flexibility when and where you need it

The A4 Advantage Anesthesia System offers a versatile anesthesia delivery solution for effective patientcare across a wide range of healthcare facilities. Flexible and adaptive design allows customization of ventilation capabilities suited to mid-acuity hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, with advanced ventilation packages, integrated gas analysis, and capnography options. An intuitive user interface with touchscreen display facilitates setting changes by eliminating deep menus, control knobs, and dedicated buttons. Workflow is enhanced with built-in safety features, ample storage and workspace, and accessory mounting options in an award-winning, ergonomic design. Direct HL7 data output provides industry standard connectivity for anesthesia management systems (AIMS) and electronic medical records (EMR), reducing the expense associated with data integration. The configurable A4 provides medical facilities with outstanding features and benefits in a comprehensive and cost effective anesthesia delivery system.

Mindray A4_Advantage Brochure

The Evolution of Simplicity

The evolution of Passport® Monitoring has arrived – Mindray’s ePM 10M and 12M monitors are the inspired result of cutting-edge innovation and exceptional efficiency, continuing the Passport legacy in monitoring. Experience the immediate and measurable benefits of the smartphone-like user interface that delivers 90% of all common monitoring functions with just 2 gestures. A single swipe enables clinicians to see patient data in large numerics mode then swipe again, and a mini-trend window provides an immediate view of critical patient data, smoothing workflow at point-of-care.

The ePM 10M and 12M offer a plug-and-play module structure for more advanced monitoring functions such as CO2, aiding clinicians to identify signs of patient deterioration due to respiratory distress. The ePM 12M paired with the ePM multi-gas module, automatically identifies and measures the inspired and expired values of O2, CO2, N2O and 5 anesthetic agents providing a compact, yet powerful OR monitoring solution. Integrated in each ePM monitor; 3 and 5- lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, respiration, and temperature, offering a robust parameter platform to meet the needs of multiple care environments.

Mindray is committed to delivering accessible innovation that supports our customer’s patient care goals. The ePM 10M and 12M deliver advanced technologies paired with unprecedented usability and a standard 3-year warranty, supporting total cost-of-ownership goals.

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VS8 True to Life

The VS8 Vital Signs Monitor is a reliable, easy-to-use vital signs monitor ideal for spot check vitals and offers the flexibility to move up to continuous patient monitoring when required. The capacitive touchscreen technology and intuitive tools enable clinicians to quickly assess a patient’s vitals with blood pressure, SpO2, and temperature measurements.

With 40 years of vital signs monitoring experience, Mindray understands how to deliver clinician-centric, high value solutions that withstand busy, high-volume clinical environments. As your trusted partner, we offer the industry best’s total cost of ownership, including an industry-leading 3-year warranty and low acquisition costs.

Designed for the specialized needs of the ambulatory care setting, the VS8 Vital Signs Monitor provides a cost-effective way to offer the advantages of reliable, high-performance, and accessible vital signs monitoring for your patients.

Mindray VS8 Brochure


The Accutorr 3 Spot Check Monitor

The Accutorr 3 is a compact, lightweight portable vital signs monitor ideal for the low acuity areas of your hospital. It is easy to transport from bed to bed, whether by its integrated handle or a compact rolling stand. With its touchpad user interface it is also simple to use.
The Accutorr 3 offers a standard RS-232 interface that allows for the direct export of vital signs data into an Electronic Medical Record (EMR).Accutorr-3-Brochure


TE5 Ultrasound System

The TE5 ultrasound system is a specialty system with a unique design, where every detail has been taken into consideration to meet the needs of today’s demanding ultrasound environments. With enhanced image quality and an intuitive touch enabled design, the TE5 system is an excellent choice for use across a wide range of clinical applications.

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TE Air Wireless Handheld Ultrasound

The TE Air can be used as a standalone system with the TE Air Mobile App or as a wireless transducer with the TE X Ultrasound System. The new wireless transducer enables providers to overcome the limitations of cords and tight spaces while ordering premium scanning functionality.