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Mindray Medical Equipment

CE-Tech offers a variety of new Mindray medical equipment for the Southeast, including Anesthesia machines, patient monitors, and vital signs monitors. Get the best value in medical equipment with the A4 Advantage Anesthesia Machine, the ePM 10M or ePM 12M Patient Monitors, or the Accutorr 7 or VS8 Vistal Signs Monitor. Contact us to get a quote.

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Mindray Medical Equipment: A4 Advantage Anesthesia Mindray Medical Equipment: ePM 10M/12M Patient Monitor Mindray Medical Equipment: Accutorr 7 Vital Signs Monitor Mindray Medical Equipment: VS8 Vital Signs Monitor


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Mindray Medical Equipment: A4 Advantage Anesthesia System



A4 Advantage Logo

Standard Features

Advanced Anesthesia System

  • 15″ color touchscreen with digital flow meters and customizable settings
  • Manual/Spontaneous breathing mode with respiratory monitoring
  • Volume Control Ventilation (VCV)
  • Pressure Support Ventilation with CPAP/PS
  • Warmed breathing system virtually eliminates internal condensation
  • Automatic compliance with fresh gas compensation
  • Economical single container absorber
  • Auxiliary O2 /Air flow meters deliver blended gas to reduce the risk of airway fire
  • Able to deliver O2 /N2O/Air and agent in manual backup mode
  • LED lighting with adjustable brightness
  • HL7 connectivity for AIMS and EMR integration
  • Easy to move with robust wheels and individual wheel brakes
  • Compatible with Mindray patient monitors (ePM 12M shown)
Mindray Medical Equipment: A4 Advantage Anesthesia Machine

Flexibility when and where you need it

The A4 Advantage Anesthesia System offers a versatile anesthesia delivery solution for effective patientcare across a wide range of healthcare facilities. Flexible and adaptive design allows customization of ventilation capabilities suited to mid-acuity hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, with advanced ventilation packages, integrated gas analysis, and capnography options. An intuitive user interface with touchscreen display facilitates setting changes by eliminating deep menus, control knobs, and dedicated buttons. Workflow is enhanced with built-in safety features, ample storage and workspace, and accessory mounting options in an award-winning, ergonomic design. Direct HL7 data output provides industry standard connectivity for anesthesia management systems (AIMS) and electronic medical records (EMR), reducing the expense associated with data integration. The configurable A4 provides medical facilities with outstanding features and benefits in a comprehensive and cost effective anesthesia delivery system.


The Mindray medical equipment A4's 15" color touchscreen
The 15″ color touchscreen enables clinicians to easily view and select ventilation settings, so less time is spent maneuvering and more time is devoted to patient care.

Mindray medical equipment A4 Auxiliary O2 Air Flow Meters
Auxiliary O2/Air flow meters deliver blended gas through the nasal cannula to reduce the risk of airway fire.

Mindray medical equipment A4 CO2 absorber
CO2 absorber can be quickly changed during case and uses non-proprietary pre-pack or loose fill sodalime.

Mindray medical equipment A4's HL7 Data Connections
Industry standard HL7 data connectivity reduces the time and expense needed to integrate your medical data.


Optional Features

  • Integrated Gas Analysis with auto agent ID, capnography, and age calculated MAC value
  • Pressure Control Ventilation with Volume Guarantee (PCV and PCV-VG)
  • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation with Pressure Control, Volume Control, and Volume Guarantee (SIMV-PC, SIMV-VC and SIMV-VG)
  • Optimizer™ functionality provides useful tools to support low flow anesthesia
  • Agent calculation displays real time agent usage rates and total amount of agent used in each case
  • Flexible bag arm
  • Three in-line vaporizer mount


When used together with the Integrated Gas Module,
clinicians benefit from the low flow decision support tools
of the optimizer suite:

  • Manage intraoperative fresh gas dynamics
  • Visualize real time intra-case agent usage
  • Quantify actual end of case agent consumption values
Mindray medical equipment A4 Gas Flow Indicator

Mindray medical equipment Integrated gas analysis
Integrated gas analysis

Mindray medical equipment Flexible bag arm
Flexible bag arm

Mindray Medical Equipment: ePM 10M/12M Patient Monitors



ePM 10M/12M


Standard Features

Advanced Anesthesia System

  • 10″ and 12″ multi-gesture, capacitive touchscreen displays, featuring intuitive user interface
  • 10″ and 12″ multi-gesture, capacitive touchscreen displays, featuring intuitive user interface
    Standard waveforms:
    – ePM 10M, 8 waveforms
    – ePM 12M, 10 waveforms
  • Integrated parameters include 3, 5-lead ECG, Masimo SET® SpO2, NIBP, respiration, temperature
  • Optional Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2 available
  • Arrhythmia analysis with atrial fibrillation (Afib) detection standard
  • Optional ST and QT/QTc monitoring (ePM 12M only)
  • Extensive data storage capability for trend data, alarms, events, and 48 hours of full disclosure
  • Optional Sidestream or Microstream® CO2 module and Multi-gas module (ePM 12M only)
  • Available wireless monitoring
  • Integrated HL7 and DIAP communication protocol for interface to EMR
  • Optional JADAK 2D barcode scanner
Mindray medical equipment ePM 10M/12M Patient Monitors

The Evolution of Simplicity

The evolution of Passport® Monitoring has arrived – Mindray’s ePM 10M and 12M monitors are the inspired result of cutting-edge innovation and exceptional efficiency, continuing the Passport legacy in monitoring. Experience the immediate and measurable benefits of the smartphone-like user interface that delivers 90% of all common monitoring functions with just 2 gestures. A single swipe enables clinicians to see patient data in large numerics mode then swipe again, and a mini-trend window provides an immediate view of critical patient data, smoothing workflow at point-of-care.

The ePM 10M and 12M offer a plug-and-play module structure for more advanced monitoring functions such as CO2, aiding clinicians to identify signs of patient deterioration due to respiratory distress. The ePM 12M paired with the ePM multi-gas module, automatically identifies and measures the inspired and expired values of O2, CO2, N2O and 5 anesthetic agents providing a compact, yet powerful OR monitoring solution. Integrated in each ePM monitor; 3 and 5- lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, respiration, and temperature, offering a robust parameter platform to meet the needs of multiple care environments.

Mindray is committed to delivering accessible innovation that supports our customer’s patient care goals. The ePM 10M and 12M deliver advanced technologies paired with unprecedented usability and a standard 3-year warranty, supporting total cost-of-ownership goals.

Unmatched Visual and Operational Experience

  • Smartphone-like multi-gesture, capacitive touchscreen display
  • HD display with wide angle view ≥170
  • Flat user interface design, common across platform
  • Reach 90% of common monitor functions in 2 steps
  • Up to 18 configurable quick keys



Mindray medical equipment ePM Display Attributes Mindray medical equipment ePM In Use

Mindray medical equipment ePM 12M with Expandable Minitrend Window



Clinician-Focused Technology for Enhanced Patient Care

  • Parameter list tile with automatic highlight of abnormal readings
  • One touch to drag icon tab right and instantly view mini-trend screen or set baseline vitals at the start of a patient case
  • Remote view and alarm watch bed-to-bed allows up to 12 patients to be viewed
  • Serial DIAP and HL7 communication protocols provide seamless transfer of data to EMR

Mindray medical equipment ePM12 Front View

Mindray medical equipment ePM 12 with a Bed Mount

Ergonomic Design Delivers Exceptional Performance and Reliability

  • Manufactured with industry-leading plastics that stand up to the most stringent medical grade cleaners
  • IP44 rated, resistant to damage often caused by continuous cleaning and usage
  • Expanding extension rack supports plug-and-play parameter modules
  • The concealed grab-and-go handle eliminates hard to clean crevices and eases clinical workflow while on the move
  • Flexible mounting options for bedside and transport

Mindray medical equipment ePM 12 side view Mindray medical equipment ePM 12 rear view

Mindray Medical Equipment: Accutorr 7 Vital Signs Monitor



Accutorr 7 Vital Signs Monitr

Features and Benefits

  • Large 8.4″ back-lit high resolution TFT display provides clear view
  • Intuitive touchscreen offers easy access to information
  • Manual, automatic and customizable NIBP measurement modes offer flexibility for various clinical applications
  • Available SpO2 technology includes Masimo SET® (standard) or Nellcor® Oximax®
  • PI (Perfusion Index) from SpO2 can guide caregivers to best measurement location
  • Temperature options include:  Exergen Temporal Scanner™ and Mindray SmarTemp™
  • Low flow sidestream CO2 provides measurements of FiCO2, etCO2, awRR with a CO2 waveform
  • Standard MEWS (Modified Early Warning Score) offers effective support for clinical decisions
  • Manual input of vitals such as respiration rate, pain level, glucose, fluids and degree of consciousness
  • Stores up to 5000 measurements, accessible by patient ID for easy review
  • Choice of hardwired or wireless EMR connectivity options
  • ADT and results messaging easily accomplished via Mindray’s powerful eGateway integration solution
Accutuorr 7 Vital Signs Monitor

The Accutorr 7 Vital Signs Monitor

Meeting the needs of low acuity areas, the Accutorr 7 is an easy to use vital signs monitor that is ready to go when you are. From spot check to continuous monitoring, assess patients’ vitals with NIBP, SpO2 and temperature measurements. Exergen Temporal Scanner™ Thermometer quickly measures patient temperature and provides significant cost savings by eliminating probe cover usage. With the addition of low flow sidestream CO2 and central monitoring connectivity, identify signs of patient deterioration due to respiratory distress. The integrated early warning scoring system can aid in clinical decisions. With its flexibility, the Accutorr 7 is a vital solution for delivering quality care.


The Accutorr 7 is designed to be connected. In today’s healthcare environment, vital sign data collection, validation and timely EMR posting are essential in providing the best possible medical care. The Accutorr 7 offers flexible connectivity options meeting your institutional requirements. With wireless capabilities using shared infrastructure, mobility between patients and real time data posting at point-of-care to your EMR can improve efficiency and reduce manual errors.


Connect. Capture. Send.

Seamlessly connect Accutorr 7 to your hospital’s ADT and EMR system with the capability for clinician authentication to help simplify workflow, reduce errors and manage time.

Accutorr 7

EMR Integration

  • At point-of-care, clinicians can validate patient information and automatically send vitals to the patient chart, improving efficiency
  • Optional medical grade barcode scanner can speed patient ID input, supporting 1D and 2D barcodes
Recognize respiratory distress and quickly respond to signs of patient deterioration.

Mindray’s low flow sidestream CO2 technology with a sampling rate as low as 50 ml/min meets measurement requirements for patients with low tidal volume.

The Accutorr 7 with CO2 is compatible with Covidien® Microstream™ FilterLines™.

Designed to be Flexible when Connected

  • Wireless and wired Accutorr 7 connectivity options available
  • Centrally monitor patients on the Accutorr 7 with the Mindray BeneVision Central Station
  • Connect the Accutorr 7 with ADT and EMR systems via Mindray’s powerful eGateway Integration Solution
  • Clinician authentication through eGateway MLDAP application connecting with the hospital Active Directory (AD)
  • Direct HL7 interface capabilities
    Standard RS232 interface for third party connectivity solutions
  • Standard RS232 interface for third party connectivity solutions
Clinical Decision Support with Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS)
Standard MEWS offers support for clinical decision making with customizable parameters based on facility protocols.
Accutorr 7 Interfacing Display of the Accutorr 7

Mindray Medical Equipment:  VS8 Vital Signs Monitor



VS8 Vital Signs Monitor

Seamless Mobility Between Patients

Move quickly between patients using the Standard Mobile Rolling Stand equipped with plenty of extras to make your practice more efficient. The stand features a storage basket to organize accessories and an optional mount to hold disinfecting wipes. The VS8 also offers a wall mount option, enabling convenient and immediate access to the VS8 and its accessories, while conserving precious exam room space.

System Highlights

  • 8″ multi-gesture, capacitive touchscreen display, featuring an intuitive user interface
  • Capacitive touchscreen technology that works like a smartphone
    Spot check or continuous monitoring modes
    Manual, automatic, and customizable NIBP measurement modes for various clinical applications
  • Available SpO2 technology includes Masimo SET® (standard) or Nellcor® Oximax®
  • Temperature options include: Exergen Temporal Scanner™, Mindray SmarTemp™, and Welch Allyn stand-alone SureTemp Plus
  • Up to 30 customizable manual inputs, such as respiration rate, glucose, height, and weight
  • Infographic pain scale for documentation of pain levels
  • Flexible connectivity options with Bluetooth and HL7 capabilities

Vital Signs Monitoring for Ambulatory Care

VS8 True to Life

The VS8 Vital Signs Monitor is a reliable, easy-to-use vital signs monitor ideal for spot check vitals and offers the flexibility to move up to continuous patient monitoring when required. The capacitive touchscreen technology and intuitive tools enable clinicians to quickly assess a patient’s vitals with blood pressure, SpO2, and temperature measurements.

With 40 years of vital signs monitoring experience, Mindray understands how to deliver clinician-centric, high value solutions that withstand busy, high-volume clinical environments. As your trusted partner, we offer the industry best’s total cost of ownership, including an industry-leading 3-year warranty and low acquisition costs.

Designed for the specialized needs of the ambulatory care setting, the VS8 Vital Signs Monitor provides a cost-effective way to offer the advantages of reliable, high-performance, and accessible vital signs monitoring for your patients.


True Vital Signs Data at Your Fingertips

The VS8 Vital Signs Monitor provides quick and accurate vital signs measurements essential to your practice productivity, including:

  • TrueBP: Quickly and comfortably measures blood pressure (bp) on inflation in about 15 seconds
  • BP Averaging: Provides an average BP over a specified time and a number of measurements to help reduce white coat hypertension, and supports Sprint Study Protocol
  • Orthostatic BP: Measures orthostatic hypotension to help assess a patient’s fall risk
  • Pulse Oximetry: Choose from industry-leading SpO2 technology – either Masimo SET® (standard) or Nellcor® Oximax®
  • Temperature: Select from Exergen Temporal Scanner, Mindray SmarTemp®, or Welch Allyn® SureTemp® Plus thermometry to perform fast and precise oral, axillary, and rectal temperature measurement

Connectivity for the Medical Office

The VS8 Vital Signs Monitor equips clinicians to spend more time with their patients and less time interacting with the monitor. The system enables clinicians to send a patient’s vital signs data from the VS8 directly to the office EMR, helping to save time, improve efficiency, and reduce errors.

Connectivity Features Include:

  • Standard Bluetooth capability in every VS8 monitor
  • Serial DIAP and HL7 communication protocols that provide a seamless data transfer to the EMR



Mindray VS8 with Stand

Peace of Mind Protection

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Mindray recognizes the vital importance of infection control and the prevention of device deterioration due to chemical exposure. Mindray has partnered with Eastman and other leading companies to utilize durable, medical-grade, disinfectant-ready materials to construct our patient monitoring products, providing exceptional resistance to deterioration over the life span of the monitor.


Standard Three-year Warranty Includes:
  • Access to Mindray mail-in repair center; loaners available as needed
  • Technical phone support 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays
  • After hours dispatch which guarantees a service professional call back within two hours

VS8 Storage VS8 Screen VS8 NIBP In Use

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