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Medical Equipment Management & Accreditation Programs

We are well versed in the accreditation processes for all the various regulatory and accreditation agencies. Whether it be  Joint Commission, DNV GL, HFAP, AAAHC, AAAASF, state agency or local fire marshal policy, we speak the language and know the answers. Our Medical Equipment Management Program meets all requirements for CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) and has stood the test of time over 36 years.

Our team stays up to date on the very latest standards, regulations and code changes so you don’t have to. Our ever-evolving monitoring process helps you to achieve or surpass accreditation standards in a continuous ready state.

No matter what your current systems and plans are for your facility’s environment of care, our trained staff is ready to bring their knowledge and expertise to work for you. The accreditation process is the responsibility of all employees; we can help you develop a plan to ensure your team is educated on what role they play.

We take the administrative burden of medical equipment maintenance off of your shoulders through our highly efficient and proven systems which manages inventory records through a robust device database. Our well-trained staff can help with everything from pre-surveys, document review, reporting, recalls, and alerts.

Whether you are in need of an expert view of your current Equipment Management Plan or someone knowledgeable in assessing the operation of your program, CE-Tech has the capability, experience and credentials to improve your current state of affairs.

Areas of expertise:

  • Medical Equipment Management Plan
  • Environment of Care
  • Medical Device Risk Assessment
  • Alternative Maintenance Strategies
  • MEMP Performance Evaluation Medical Device Cyber Security Plan
  • Labor Allocation and Justification Review
  • Areas for savings or opportunity
  • Performance Improvement Plans


Service Contract Management

CE-Tech’s main focus is on reducing expenses associated with the maintenance and utilization of medical equipment. To that, CE-Tech has been very successful in saving clients’ money through diligent contract management practices. By bundling service agreements under one asset management agreement, we manage all maintenance and repairs as economically and effectively as possible. Under this program, CE-Tech guarantees savings up front. We provide multi-vendor management to include the original equipment manufacturer as well as a customized mix of services specific to each device.

CE-Tech’s enhanced data aggregation and statistical information provides accurate costs for service on each device. In doing so, we expect to extend the life of the equipment and properly plan for capital replacements based on our own facts and not the OEM’s numbers who is ultimately trying to drive sales. We routinely write new terms for purchase and service that benefit our clients and not the manufacturer.

CE-Tech Advantages:

  • Response times and repair turn-around times centrally managed
  • No hidden agenda or service costs, CE-TECH is not a manufacturer and is unbiased relative to OEM’s.
  • Maintain a complete comprehensive medical equipment inventory for the facility that includes all medical equipment.
  • Provides sr. management with improved operational expense accountability on equipment maintenance costs.
  • Most cost-effective, quality-based equipment service program


Cavalry Services

Modern day military cavalries conduct reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition. Like an impressive cavalry, CE-Tech is fully capable of providing like services at your facility by means of assessment, analysis, operations and oversight of Healthcare Technology Management functions.

We provide temporary or long-term Management or technicians to perform at almost any level required. If you need to get caught up on PM’s, do inventory, work on projects or just offset your normal operations, we can fulfill the demand. We are here for you when you need essential and expert resources.


Medical Equipment Disposition

Lack the time or interest in dealing with devices or systems being retired from your inventory? Consider CE-Tech when dredging through the possible options to discarding medical equipment. Our pre-owned Medical Equipment Program provides you an alternative to throwing it in the dumpster on the loading dock or storing it in your shop/warehouse indefinitely.

As they say, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Often there is still life in a device that others would like to have. CE-Tech has a network of used equipment vendors to call upon. Give us a call with your equipment list and let us get to work on analyzing the true value of the asset.

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