Hurricane Season is here, ensure your facility is prepared.


Hurricane season is officially upon us. We want you and your facility to be prepared in the event of a hurricane! Thus, we have put together key items that need to be considered when preparing.


  • Roof Assessment

    • Survey the roof for loose panels on equipment
    • Ensure that screws and bolts holding covers and hatches are in place and secure
    • Clear the leaves and sticks off the roof so they won’t stop up the drains
  • Yard Assessment

    • Take note of any trees that surround your facility that needs to be looked at for dead or dying branches
    • Ensure the yard is clear of any items that could blow around
    • Ensure any gates to equipment are in good shape with no broken latches or hinges
    • If your facility has outside sitting areas make sure the tables and chairs are secure to the ground or move them to a protected area
  • Generator Assessment

    • Top off with fuel


If your facility needs additional assistance with getting prepared please contact us today.