CE-TechJune 11th, 2021



CE-Tech is pleased to introduce our new products partnership with Cables and Sensors, LLC. Cables and Sensors is the leading distributor of patient monitor accessories for all the major manufacturers. Their team is made up of experts in the industry who have built a reputation for delivering top-quality products below OEM pricing. This new partnership allows CE-Tech to continue providing value-added enhancements while offering affordable quality products to complement our existing services.

If you would like information on cables or sensors for the following manufactured products, please reach out to us. We are prepared to support you with any cross-reference guides, sensor brochures, and reference documents.

For over 30 years, CE-Tech has provided high-quality medical device repair services throughout the southeastern United States. The corporate headquarters are located in Jacksonville, FL with satellite offices centrally located in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.


Our success is based on our customer satisfaction record which is the cornerstone of our business, providing quality Clinical Engineering Services in a timely fashion at cost-effective prices. We feel that our service programs provide the best value money can buy. Our commitment to delivering cost-effective services while maintaining the highest industry standard guarantees your satisfaction.


All the best,

Scott Long
President of Ce-Tech CE-Tech.com



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