We can help in planning!

Pressure is unrelenting in the healthcare industry to adapt to government reform, deliver value-based healthcare, respond to demands for new technologies and to reduce cost and expenses. Many of us are approaching fiscal year end when operating and capital budgets are due. Prudent planning can lead to business expansion and continued successes. When it comes to budgeting, CE-Tech’s Asset Management Programs can assist with your operational and capital budgeting by creating strategies that outline available funding in advance.

Factors within the operating budget can have considerable long-term effects on capital expenditures. For example, by allocating funds and contracting with a quality Healthcare Technology Management Company to perform quality scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on your equipment helps to extend the useful life of that equipment.

CE-Tech can assist in your capital budgeting by applying our technical assessment tools. Many factors are considered, including the age and life expectancy of the equipment, whether it has been maintained appropriately and the frequency of use, to name of few.

With over 30 years of experience in Healthcare Technology Management, our

detailed understanding of equipment life cycles will provide you with the data you need to make invaluable predictions about planned equipment replacements.
Included in the technical assessment is a report detailing the ‘useful economic life’ of your equipment. While analyzing that data, we can assist in determining whether new or quality pre-owned equipment is most appropriate based on your needs. We provide the results of the technical assessment in a useful, easy to understand format.

Keep in mind, purchasing quality pre-owned equipment typically is a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Let us benchmark your capital “wish list” for possible savings. We acquire pre-owned equipment continually, as well as warehouse a significant inventory of quality pre-owned/refurbished and warrantied equipment. If we do not have what you need in our inventory, our experts will do all the research to locate it.  Once found, you decide whether you want to purchase it!

Let CE-TECH take this time consuming burden off your hands and allow you to concentrate on the most important business…the PATIENT!