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Life Safety Code Compliance

What is life safety code compliance? It’s an industry standard, often called “NFPA 101” or National Fire Protection Agency 101, which ensures a level of safety and security from a fire for all individuals, especially those unable to protect themselves or save their own lives.

This level of safety is required by the NFPA, CMS, state authorities, and regulatory agencies. In the state of Florida, the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) surveys on behalf of CMS.

Our team consists of former AHCA surveyors to ensure your facility is in a continuous state of compliance.

In a world of constantly changing requirements, we are here to help you navigate numerous interpretations of Life Safety Code to keep you up to date, prepared and most importantly safe.

fire extinguisher in hallway
  • Life safety facility management & documentation
  • Guidance on life safety code requirements
  • Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES)
  • Facility walk-through more thorough than an AHCA survey
  • Documentation review
  • Receive a deficiency report detailing corrections needed before your survey

Understanding why a regulation exists is essential to understanding the larger concept of life safety codes, which is why we offer the following:

  • Group and individual education on life safety code practice, procedure and compliance.
  • Onboarding training for new facilities personnel
  • Documentation maintenance training
  • NFPA Code book instruction & tips for navigating the code books
  • Proper procedures for inspection, testing and maintenance
  • Fire and smoke door inspections
  • Fire Barrier Management program and inspections
  • Fire/Smoke Damper inspections
  • Tips on before, during and after inspection actions
  • Know what plans and drills are required
  • Guidance on developing and maintain your plans
  • Conduct drills that are informative and useful