Tips for Reopening After the COVID-19 Shutdown

Did your facility shut down during the COVID-19 crisis?  Improper shutdown and start-up procedures could delay your reopening due to system failures or lack of testing and inspection. Many centers are feeling the urgency to reopen quickly, but don’t let the urgency jeopardize the safety of staff and patients.  Proper testing and inspections should and must take place before the expected surge of cases.  Taking the extra steps to ensure safety and prevent damage to your building’s systems and equipment, helps to ensure a smooth transition.


Failure in any of these systems could cause a delay in your reopening

  • Telephone and alarm communication lines
  • Vendor availability
    • notify them of the reopening and adjust delivery, pick-up, or services. (med gas, bio-hazard, linen, mail, etc. )
  • Bio-medical – medical devices that may need special start procedures and testing according to the OEM: Medivators, Olympus OER, Boiler/sterilizers, , Anesthesia/gas monitoring, etc.
  • Electrical System – Generator, line isolation monitors, transfer switches, electrical panels, emergency light, exit lights, etc.
  • Medical Gas system – Does your system need re-certification
  • Boilers – Specific start-up procedures
  • Plumbing – Pressure, leaks, water softener, etc.
  • HVAC system – including the exhaust system, which if down may cause an infectious control issue.


Remember, life safety compliance must continue to be maintained.  AHCA states that any vendor-related inspections that were delayed, must be scheduled within 30 days of reopening.  They would include; fire alarm, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers.

Let us assist in your reopening process; with a comprehensive reopening checklist, we can help you ensure your facility is properly reopened to mitigate the risk of delay due to system failures. Contact Franklin Sands to schedule your reopening walk-thru.