Pre-owned versus New Medical Equipment


Healthcare executives are challenged to manage the balance between increased costs and reduced reimbursements.  Add a pandemic to the equation and……there goes the budget.  When it comes to medical equipment capital purchases fundamental decisions are made. Where do I invest critical funds?  Who can I trust?  Where do I spend the money?  Medical equipment generally falls into these two basic categories; new or pre-owned.  You may be hesitant to opt for pre-owned equipment, and you should be.  There are examples throughout the industry [Internet] that jeopardize the reputation of quality business partners.  The pre-owned equipment industry as a whole warrants scrutiny.  Consider the following when making the decision to purchase new or pre-owned medical equipment:

Safety Is a Priority

Whether it’s a C-Arm or sterilizer company, thoroughly vet, inspect, function test, and warrant any equipment that will be re-sold.  Research the company reselling the equipment.  Verify references and ensure the company can manage service after the sale.  There are thousands of opportunities to purchase pre-owned medical equipment online.  Don’t get burned buying from someone you don’t know.  Purchase from certified technicians who will stand behind the equipment and ensure the component is ready for patient use. Safety is number 1!

Savings Can Be Significant

Let’s keep it real.  The clear advantage of purchasing pre-owned over brand-new is cost savings; which can be significant.  50% in some cases.  However, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.  Depending on the make and model and availability of parts; it may be more prudent to purchase new.  Again, work with a vendor you know and trust.  Managing the capital budget is a balancing act requiring your own experience and faith in your business partners.

You Get Warranty Coverage

Quality pre-owned equipment always has a warranty.  Understand each warranty is specific to the type of equipment and fees are based upon the availability of parts and equipment complexity.  Longer warranties are more expensive.  Service after the sale has value.  If it’s worth investing in; it’s worth maintaining.

Trust is Key

Reputable companies like CE-Tech who offer pre-owned medical equipment take critical steps to ensure your equipment is carefully inspected and safe for use. For 36 years CE-Tech has served the healthcare industry with quality, integrity, and value in every service and product we offer.  If a capital equipment decision is on your list; contact a trusted business partner today, CE-Tech.

Written By: Mike Tonkinson, Business Development Manager