It is a new environment; we are all making adjustments and adapting to new practices and procedures.

 As this outbreak spreads healthcare facilities could be quickly overwhelmed. Many case studies estimate that the COVID-19 will stress bed capacity, equipment, and health care personnel in U.S. hospitals in ways not previously experienced. What can healthcare facilities and manufacturers do to help prepare and care for the influx of patients with the coronavirus?  Be prepared!

With the current outbreak hospitals are in need of the following:

  1. Hospital Bed Mattresses
  2. Stretcher Pads 
  3. OR Table Pads & Table Accessories 
  4. IV Poles & SS OR Stands 
  5. Disposable Patient Positioning Products 

CE-Tech and its distributor partner, Birkova Products are doing their part by offering hospital bed mattresses, stretcher pads, OR table pads, I.V. poles, and more.

Medical Cushions and Pads: A wide range of medical pads and cushion sets are available via CE-Tech;
patient positioning pads, surgical table cushion sets, stretcher pads, gurneys, boot pads,
yellowfin pads, and many other styles. Custom made pads are also available upon request.

Hospital Bed Mattresses: Our line of Hospital Bed Mattresses or Patient Care Mattresses is one of the best quality lines. They come in 3 different customizable styles with many features. They are all fire resistant, made in USA, and come in different sizes. Custom applications are also available; like adding gel top layer or customizing the offered layers.

Clinical Equipment and Furniture:  To ensure quality treatment of your patients, outfit your medical facility with Birkova’s clinical equipment. This clinical furniture is made by the industry’s premier manufacturers ensuring years
of reliable and dependable performance. We offer high-quality medical furnishings from
Stools, Exam Tables, IV Poles, Mayo Stands, Hampers, Kick-buckets, and more for improved
patient care and patient/staff safety.

IV Poles:  We offer a range of Stainless Steel IV Poles. From Economy to Heavy-Duty IV
Poles we have your needs covered. Maneuvering made easy with easy-glide casters. Hooks are
provided to hang bags of solution to help streamline the process as much as possible.

Let CE-Tech and Birkova provide you and your facility high quality – high value medical-grade products.


Contact CE-Tech for more information.  Mike Tonkinson  904-535-7399