Do your business partners increase the value of your organization?

Our goal at CE-Tech is to exceed your service expectations every day and develop our relationship together throughout the years to come.  Ultimately, we want to help you focus on patient outcomes and increasing the value of your organization.

CE-Tech strives to deliver quality, integrity, and value in every service and product we offer.  We are a contracted business partner for more than 360 healthcare-related organizations throughout the Southeast.  A primary objective is to be your first call regarding all medical equipment and life safety aspects [ASCs only] of your operation.  To that end, please take a moment to review the following list of CE-Tech services and products.  We would appreciate your consideration of being your 1st call.

Technical Services

  • Medical Gas Testing
    • Vacuum pump maintenance
  • Anesthesia System Maintenance
  • Sterilizer System Maintenance

 Life Safety

  • Life Safety and Biomedical Compliance Management
    • Code-Based
      • Aligns with NFPA, CMS, AHCA and all accreditation organizations standards
    • Data-Driven
      • Management software organizes and compiles valuable data relative to Life Safety, Utility systems, and medical equipment data for future capital analysis, assessment, and acquisition
    • Facilities Management
      • Site repairs and maintenance
      • Vendor coordinated project management
    • Accreditation documentation – Mock Surveys


  • Medical Equipment Management service and repair [PM documentation]
  • OEM Service Contract – Vendor Management
  • CE-Tech University
    • Annual Life Safety Training Programs
    • Quarterly drills


Come and partner with a trusted, customer-focused company like CE-Tech.