CE-Tech Welcomes New Team Members

Feb 02, 2021
CE-Tech would like to welcome several new employees to the team. We are excited to continue to grow our incredible team alongside our growing business.   John Alvenus Pre-Owned Equipment...
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Two Cited Deficiencies You Should Know

Sep 17, 2020
Newly Cited AHCA Deficiencies and How to Correct Them   Recently a facility was cited for two improper connections regarding waste gas and a vacuum hose. Reviewing the two scenarios...
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Protecting Your Devices From Theft

Sep 10, 2020
Protecting Your Devices From Theft   When you look at your healthcare facility, do you see everything that you should? Sure, you see your patients, the physical systems in place...
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Our Commitment To You

Aug 20, 2020
At CE-Tech, we strive to provide quality service to our customers for the common goal of patient safety and experience. As the Covid-19 pandemic continuous to be prevalent; we want...
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7 Symptoms of Medical Device Malware

Aug 13, 2020
Identifying Malware on a Medical Device Medical device security has been a hot topic for a while, but I regularly still hear from some that it’s not important because medical...
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Managing Medical Device Security: MDS2

Jul 30, 2020
Tips To Help Manage Medical Device Security   Small hospitals and surgery centers are expected to maintain robust security postures to protect patient health information. But the amount of work...
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Quality Pre-owned versus New Medical Equipment

Jul 16, 2020
Pre-owned versus New Medical Equipment   Healthcare executives are challenged to manage the balance between increased costs and reduced reimbursements.  Add a pandemic to the equation and……there goes the budget. ...
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CMS Blanket Waivers for ASCs

Jul 02, 2020
CMS Blanket Waivers, What You Need to Know.   CMS is continuously updating blanket waivers for healthcare providers.  There are many associations and websites promoting templates for certain waivers, but...
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Inventory Control and Asset Management

Jun 25, 2020
To be compliant with CMS, TJC, DNV, and other regulatory agencies it is essential to have an accurate medical equipment inventory. CE-Tech maintains your inventory using a Computerized Medical Maintenance...
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Is Your Medical Equipment Safe?

Jun 18, 2020
Medical Equipment Safety   Patient safety is our primary concern when it comes to medical equipment. But with modern, connected equipment, a few threats have emerged that not only put...
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How CE-Tech Can Add Value to Your Business

May 21, 2020
Do your business partners increase the value of your organization? Our goal at CE-Tech is to exceed your service expectations every day and develop our relationship together throughout the years...
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