Sanitization of Medical Equipment

May 01, 2021
Sanitization of Medical Equipment   Millions of dollars are wasted in medical device repairs and replacements every year due to the mismanagement of safe and effective sanitization of medical equipment....
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Protecting Patient Health Information

Feb 11, 2021
New Law Tells If You Are Doing “Enough” to Protect Your Patients’ PHI Security is an endless road of evaluating risk and determining the most appropriate, riskless path. Sometimes the...
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Are your Medical Images Exposed?

Dec 16, 2020
Are your Medical Images Exposed?     CybelAngel just released a report that, without any hacking tools, their automated system was able to find over 9.5 million unique DICOM files...
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CE-Tech Cybersecurity is Above the Rest

Oct 28, 2020
CE-Tech’s Medical Device Security Program Far Above the Competition When asking a 3rd party partner to help you with your medical device security, you want to be able to trust...
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The Top Causes of Medical Data Breaches

Sep 03, 2020
The Top Causes of Medical Data Breaches: How to Protect Your Devices   You’ve seen the news stories. Millions of medical records stolen by hackers and we can’t extradite them...
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